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Party Cut

Hazy IPA

A hazy IPA brewed to celebrate the inexplicable but time-honored practice of cutting a circular pizza pie into little squares to share with your friends at the bar. Pepperoni under the cheese? Sure, just make sure you burn the cheese correctly. The cracker-y-est of crusts? Absolutely. Dump hot sauce all over it? A must. The beer itself is a tropical hop bomb, fermented with our favorite “Thioloized” ale yeast for maximum aromatics, and hopped with Talus and Cryo Pop for more of the same. Beer and pizza—it just makes sense.

Tasting Notes

Tropical chewing gum, pineapple, grapefruit candy, a hint of coconut?

Process Notes


Fun Fact

In the Upper Midwest, we cut our pizzas into little squares, and the resulting geometric oddity is known as a Party Cut pizza pie. Typically one finds these masterpieces of cheese and preserved compressed meat products at the corner bar, burned to perfection in a diminutive oven on the back bar.

Flavor Profile