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Fritter Friday

Apple brandy barrel-aged barleywine

Apple brandy barrel-aged barleywine with cinnamon and vanilla

Fun Fact

Backstory straight from Niko: Fritter Friday is the other half of the base beer that became High Plains Snifter. In this case, it’s an apple fritter play on it. The idea from the name comes from Mort, the guy who ran the electrician crew on the FS2 build out in 2017, who was a huge baked good enthusiast. He liked to talk about all of the different bakeries around, and he especially enjoyed an apple fritter. He was a slight, chipper, wiry little guy (I assume he still is, I don’t know why this is all in past tense), and he got real excited about what he liked to call “Fritter Friday,” where he’d bring in fritters for everyone, me included. If you didn’t eat your fritter by about 10am, he’d start getting on your case about how they don’t last long, y’know. So, this beer is an homage to the proud tradition of Fritter Friday.