Long before Fair State Brewing Cooperative formed, our three founders were brewing beer. Yes, sometimes they brewed at other breweries. But most often, they brewed at home. Like many breweries around us, we come from humble homebrew beginnings. Rewind to 1986. Bill Rowe starts cooking meals in his apartment and delivering them to a fewRead More

Fair State Brewing Cooperative is seeking multiple part-time Street Team Members to join our tasting staff. We are growing quickly and need to add staff to help meet demand.   A little about us: Fair State is one of a very few cooperatively-owned breweries in the US. We began operations at our brewery/taproom in NortheastRead More

Juxtaposition Arts Team

When Fair State began in 2014, we were the first of our brewery-cooperative kind in Minnesota. Joining the ranks of other types of cooperatives in the cities, we wanted to bring a stronger sense of community to the brewing world to share ideas and expand opportunities. Though it’s not cooperative itself, Juxtaposition Arts (JXTA) valuesRead More